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Jukani is the home of rescued predators and other wildlife where the emphasis is on conservation and education, particularly on the plight of predators both in captivity and in the wild everywhere throughout the world.

At Jukani you can see the vast majority of the larger cats such as lion, Bengal and Siberian tiger, jaguar, leopard, cheetah, puma, caracal and serval together with rarer species such as white lions and tigers and black leopard.

The sanctuary is likewise home to other predators, for example, African wild dog, hyena, jackal, honey badger and zorilla together with other wildlife, for example, zebra, springbuck, raccoons and a variety of species of snake.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will take you on a tour of the sanctuary and introduce you to its inhabitants whilst offering a wealth of interesting and fascinating information regarding each of the species.

A visit to Jukani is not just about viewing big cats, it is a informative experience at a sanctuary where the animal's physical and emotional needs are put above all else. Unlike some other facilities, the cats here do not breed and cubs are not removed from their mothers to be ‘cuddled’ by guests. These cubs frequently end their days as trophy hunter's prey.

Jukani is a sanctuary, a place of refuge where the wildlife is treated with respect and protected from hunting and other dangers in safe and natural surroundings.

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance, a non-profit organisation (PBO No. 200/060 667/08) is the sole caretaker of the animals at Jukani, and therefore their future is secured.

Jukani is funded by means for responsible eco-tourism and strives to achieve an effective harmony between conservation and economic reality.

A restaurant and curio shop is also available together with disabled access and facilities.